Keep South Sudan away from Coronavirus (COVID-19)!

by Mundari Online – 15 MAR 2020


Dear Friends and Guests:


Greetings from Terekeka County of Central Equatoria State, The Republic of South Sudan. As you know, the Coronavirus (COVID-19 Virus) is spreading around the world in rapid speed. At this moment, we are sincerely urging all of our dear foreign friends and guests, especially those friends and guests from the virus affected countries and regions, please temporary hold on your international travel plan, just postpone your trip, we must doing our best to prevent the COVID-19 Virus spreading to our homeland.

South Sudan is the youngest country of the world, we are developing country, our people lacking the necessary medical services, we are not fully prepared for the COVID-19 Virus coming to our homeland yet.

This beautiful country and the kindness people always here, we are warmly welcome you visit us at the right time after the deadly COVID-19 Virus been defeated. We can wait, and we kindly ask you to give us a chance so that we can wait for you…


Best wishes,

Mundari and all communities in South Sudan

Let’s fight against Coronavirus together!!!

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