By Clement Maring Lu Swaka Yibi

Tuesday, 5th January 2021.

The Inspector-General of South Sudan National police service, Gen. Majak Akec yesterday advised the Mundari cattle camp youths to stop causing insecurity around Juba.

He said:

I am speaking as police, concern with criminality. I came here because of what you have created around the capital city Juba.

Juba harbors different kinds of people including foreigners who fear rampant shots of guns around the capital city. We are not happy with what you have created around Juba.

We have learned that you have your communal differences. You have allowed your conflict to escalate around Juba city.

If you have problems among yourselves, why do you kill innocent people moving along the road? why do you rape and destroy the crops of people?

Since 2017, you have been killing yourselves. This is not the Mundari I know.

As a government, we are not happy to see our people dying. We must protect lives and the lives of our fellow youths you have kill would have helped this nation, but you have neither help yourselves, not your neighbors and this nation.

We are here as a joint National and State committee.

This meeting was organized by the Luri and Jebel Lado Payams to discuss the issue of the cattle camps which becomes a menace.

The insecurity around Juba becomes a national security threat.

We acknowledge the work of the State peace committee and the voluntary work of the Mundari youths who’ve offered themselves to reconcile Mundari clans down there in Terekeka county.

We have also acknowledged the work of the police who have escorted the cows back to Terekeka.

All these different efforts contribute to bringing peace and reconciliation among yourselves.

In one of the consultative meetings with Mundari chiefs and elders, I have heard that you have nicknamed the police as Kwete. This is because we are not showing our muscles but handling our affairs with civility. We are not Kwete but we follow the rule of law and order.

As police, this is a message we are telling you.

  1. We want your cattle to move out around Juba because of the crimes you are committing to innocent people around Juba.
  2. I want all of you to report your criminals to the police and I want you also to report criminals from the other side to the police.
  3. We don’t want to hear the sounds of guns around Juba and along the roads.
  4. We will arrest the culprits with the help of your community leaders and cattle camp heads.

Let us all work together to arrest the situation.


By Clement Maring Samuel
Information Secretary, State Peace Committee
5th January 2021.

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