The crystal blue sky and shining starry night, the flowing White Nile River and the vast savanna, the peace-loving peoples and the cattle camps, this is our lovely sweet home. We are here to sending the invitations to the friends from every corner of global village, Welcome to visit the youngest country of the world – South Sudan, Welcome to visit our beautiful Mundari-land, to experience the slow and simple life where Human and Nature in harmony.

We are waiting for you…

Sunrise over a small branch of the White Nile, 2018.  Photo: Gian Giovanoli (SWITZERLAND)

Our tour services team have guided for those master photographer like Jimmy Nelson from United Kingdom, Bruno Bierrenbach Feder from Brazil, John R. Milton from United States, Anibal Bueno AmorósTomas Lopez GalvezMiguel de Celis & Sandra Ballesteros from Spain, Massimo Ermes Bietti & Mattia Passarini from Italy, Gian Giovanoli from Switzerland, Victoria Rogotneva from Russia… For more details, please contact our tour services team in “Nile Expedition Safari Tour” in Juba, Republic of South Sudan or our cooperation partners nearby your country or region.

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“In January 2018, I was traveling in South Sudan as a tourist and photographer. During this trip I was traveling together with Pitiya Gore. He is an excellent guide, has knowledge about South Sudan, it’s people and culture. He is friendly, helpful and polite. I do recommend Pitiya Gore as a traveling guide” (original recommend … Continue reading Bippe Havik

Bippe Havik


Suri Tribe @ Ethiopia & South Sudan

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