[ Youth Power ] “That Girl From South Sudan” – Eyga Mojus


Eyga Mojus

BORN: 1991                              WEBSITE: www.eygamojus.com


Do you remember that young lady from South Sudan on the competition of 2017 MISS GRAND INTERNATIONAL Beauty Pageant?

Yes! Her name is Eyga Mojus, the Mundari daughter of South Sudan.


Eyga was born in Tali Terekeka of South Sudan (formerly Southern Sudan) during the civil war between the North and the South of Sudan when her family left everything behind and migrated to Egypt. She moved to San Diego, California in USA with her family for better opportunities since 2001. Her number one priority as a human being is to make a positive impact in community and inspire the next generation to be a great leaders and role models.

Eyga has been modeling and competing in pageants, currently she holds two titles: Miss Bel Air USA 2017 and Miss Grand South Sudan 2017.


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