[ NEWS ] Graduation ceremony for 24 pre school teachers in Terekeka – 24 NOV, 2018

REPOST from Taban Abuna J KongaKenyi D. Legge & Lobusak Mue @Facebook

UPDATE: 12/12/2018

by Taban Abuna J Konga


by Kenyi D. Legge

Graduation ceremony for 24 Early Childhood Development Education Teachers which taking place in Episcopal Church of South Sudan (ECSS) St.Stephen Pro-Cathedral conducted by Life in Abundance International. Your support toward the graduates whether in prayers or words for them to deliver good services to our children.


by Lobusak Mue

The training take six months for the participants to finish it. And it was in collaboration with the department of education in the office of primate of Episcopal Church of South Sudan and supported by Life in Abundance International ministry.

Congratulations to the graduates and Terekeka State at large for a great achievement in Human Resource Development sector in the ministry of Education Terekeka State.

Please support Education for South Sudan, support our future…

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