[ HOPES ] 4 Teachers + 56 Pupils = Muni Primary School of Terekeka

by Fedrick Pitia


In the earlier of November 2018, I was take a trip to Muni county of Terekeka state and visited Muni Primary School.

Muni Primary School is one of the three functioning primary school in Muni county, My friends and brothers told me that there’s no any new school in Muni county since 1956. Due to the long run civil war before and after the independence of South Sudan, most of our people are not educated…

There are 56 pupils from 1-7 Grade, but only 4 teachers in the school. The hardware conditions of the school are not so good, but nothing can stopped them pursuiting the knowledge and brighter future.

Studying hard, no matter in the shade of tree or in the thatch hut.

Enjoying our games, on the dusty playground.

This is the hope of our community, This is the hope of South Sudan.

Support Education for South Sudan

more photos about Muni Primary School can be seen on our page “Terekeke Vision”


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