[ HOPES ] Yes! We can be the pride of South Sudan!

by Clement Maring Samuel – 1 FEB 2019

“The pride of being a parent in Uganda is not easy to meet multiple challenges of life. One of these challenges is paying school fees of children and dependents. My Nephew, Lokotor James Philip have raised my head high in scoring Aggregate 18, division 1. I am very proud if you son of my elder sister Hellen Kujang Samuel. Hellen was very bright in St. Joseph’s Primary & Intermediate school in Juba, always scoring neck in neck with Amol Mabior. The brilliants spirit of her mother is vested on him. I am very proud of you my nephew and my sweat in bringing you up is not in vain. Praise be to Jesus. Amen.”


Believe in ourselves

We Can!

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