[ VOICES ] Salvage our people by having knowledge through reading

by Clement Maring Samuel Swaka Yibi – 15 JAN 2019


If you read this 📖 book “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu / “The book of the Lord Shang” by Shang Yang, you will have all the reasons to avoid war. It is very unfortunate that South Sudanese don’t have the culture of reading and they become ignorant even if they are educated. Let us salvage our people by having knowledge through reading, and reading help us to gain understanding and we will avoid all sorts of war. War is disastrous to human being, their properties and environment. It is our sovereign responsibility to respect our people in our country, protect their properties and preserve our environment. The world today is governed by principles of Sustainable Development Goals, and South Sudan has not achieved even an iota of Millennium Development Goals which has ended in 2015. With lots of war in our country, we are returning our country back to savage stone age. We are responsible for the bad situation in our country. Sun Tzu said” when the army engages in protracted campaigns, the resources of the State will not suffice. When your army is exhausted and it’s moral sinks and your treasure is spent, rulers of the other States will take advantage of your distress and act. Then, even though you have wise counselors, none will be able to make good plans for the future. Thus, though we have heard of excessive haste in war, we have not yet seek a clever operation that was prolonged”. A small population like ours in South Sudan is unable to support a protracted war campaigns. We are duty bound to rescue our people from dire suffering. We abandoned war for the sake of our people. Leadership is given by the people and let us respect the people because they are the rivers, seas and oceans for the leaders. We have killed ourselves to the brim and we have destroyed our properties to debased, and our beautiful environment also has suffered immensely. The regional leaders and international community are laughing at us, and we have given them ticket to laugh and mock us. Even people who don’t deserved to laugh at us are opening their mouths at us. We are entirely responsible whether people inside the government or outside. I have no time to blame, I have time to rebuild our country. We have to renounced all kinds of war including war against women who were badly abused in this senseless war. This message is to all people in South Sudan whether the war mongers in the government or war mongers outside the government or, war mongers in diaspora. I love you all.


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