The Condolences to Angelo Doyu Agor and Martin Ruben Tongun from Clement Maring Samuel Swaka Yibi

in Kampala, UGANDA – 13 MAR 2019




To bereaved family of late Angelo Doyu Agor

Dear bereaved family of late Angelo,

I would like to express my sincere condolence on the passing on of your dearest father Angelo Doyu Agor. We sent our sympathies and prayers to you all in this hard period you are facing. I realize that no words of comfort are quite good enough to replace the loss. Please take courage in the tragedy that befalls you and stand firm in this hard time.

We, the Mukonyen family in Mundari Mulla also share your sorrow. The grandparents of late Angelo Doyu have migrated from Jingwa clan which forms the greater Mukonyen section in Mundari Mulla where I came from. Together, we have lost a great son, a father, a brother, an uncle, a relative, a community leader.

To Terekeka State, we’ve lost a rare straightforward person, a shade in Mundari community, an elder, a guider and economists. To South Sudan, we’ve lost a great economist who’d have been a contributing partner to the economy of our country.

On dozen of occasions from 2005-2016, I knew late Angelo Doyu as a straightforward frank person who do not meander with truth. We have rare people of this nature in society. You were truly fortunate to have such a rare man as a model in your Life.

Late Angelo has been a great friend to me. He was the only Mundari who’ve supported my training in peace and security studies in Coalition for Peace in Africa in Johannesburg South Africa in 2008.

Many Mundari leaders have undermined supporting the youths to advance their career, but he realized the importance of contributing to training of young leaders for nation building. Today I am who I am because of his contribution to build me up. We greatly miss the good service offered by this great icon in South Sudan at large

God has given late Angelo Doyu to you and he has taken him away from you. May His name be praise and may the beautiful soul of late Angelo Doyu rest in eternal peace.

Yours sincerely
Clement Maring Samuel Swaka Yibi
Kampala Uganda



Condolence & Sympathy

To the bereaved family of Ruben Tongun

Dear Mr. Ruben Tongun,

It is very difficult to hear and accept the shocking news about the tragic death of your dearest son Martin Ruben. His death is a great shock not only to you and your family but to the entire Mundari community and South Sudan because he was an aspiring asset to Terekeka State and South Sudan at large.

I want to tell you why he was a promising leader for Mundari community and why his tragic death shocks me most.

Young Martin on November 9th 2018 at 9:31 PM has written to me that he wanted me to nd for him a school of Public Health in Uganda to upgrade his career. I was trying to seek a place for him in Uganda Christian University in Mukono to advance his career.

These are his words: “Hi Clement Maring, My name is Martin Ladu Ruben Jada, the son of former clinical Ocer of Terekeka PHCC Mr. Ruben Tongun, and I am a Diploma holder of medical laboratory technology. I want to upgrade my certicate in the eld of Public Health distance learning Program. So I as your small brother am seeking for help to nd for me a good university there in Uganda. For further information, this is my number +211926760300 or Email: Thanks in advance”

It is very sad to hear the demise of an aspiring young man who has high aspiration to upgrade his career for better future. He has not asked money or food from me, but he asked knowledge. I was not happy to hear his death without receiving what he aspired from his elder brother Clement Maring Samuel. I love young people who chose studies because they understood the problem that made our community lagging behind, and I believe with more educated cadres in Mundari community, Terekeka State with ultimately change.

In 2015, when I was Minister of Education in former Central Equatoria State, he and his colleagues visited me in my oce, and I could discern how brilliant, dedicated and committed that young man was towards the goal of his profession.

Death is an enemy of progressive young leaders who are the seeds of the nation. I and my family in Kampala Passes our sincere condolence to you and sympathize with you and your family on the loss of your dear son Martin Ruben, who was a growing asset to Mundari Community. Our hearts are all grieved when we hear about the accident that took his soul.

We as Terekeka State has lagged behind in terms of man power especially in medical field, but Satan has robbed us of our Progress and development. We have no more words to express and console you and your family, because that was his destiny.

All I can say is for you and your family to take courage in this hard time. God has given Martin to you, and He has taken him away from you and from us all because you were his parent, but he was our asset as Mundari community.

May the Almighty God console you and wipe away your tears of sorrow because we shall meet the beautiful soul of Martin in Paradise.

Yours sincerely friend
Clement Maring Samuel Swaka Yibi
Kampala, Uganda
March 10, 2019



One thought on “The Condolences to Angelo Doyu Agor and Martin Ruben Tongun from Clement Maring Samuel Swaka Yibi

  1. Death has robbed us in broad daylight We know that it is hard to bear right now, but remember that death is only the end of the physical life and the beginning of an eternal life.
    Words may not suffice to express the heartfelt sorrow that we felt for the passing of your of beloved elder Angelo Doyu and our great brother Martin. You are physically missed but your memories will be unforgettable. R.I.P.


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