[ Immortal Heroes ] Nyombe Malou and Dut Mula

by Bush Buse – 16 MAY 2019

Nyombe Malou (born in Tali, Terekeka) shot the first bullet


On 16th May 1955 in Torit; “Nyombe Malou” a brave & patriotic South Sudanese Mundari man shot the first bullet against the oppressors (Mundukuru) . El Majid, the commander ordered all the Southern soldiers to lay down their arms but Malou had already sensed the conspiracy “What has gone wrong today that only Southerners are being disarmed.” Nyombe asked while in parade. The commanding officer pulled out his pistol immediately pointing at Nyombe who held a rank of surgeon at the time. They exchanged bullets with the commanding officer leading to death of both gentlemen. The war was eventually organized into a full national movement that spread to the other parts of the Country and that was the beginning of the struggle against oppression of the Southerners by Khartoum regime. 


Nyombe’s assassination provoked the paramount chief of Tali called Chief “Dut Mula” to slaughter most of the Arabs who were in Tali by then” a massacre that prompted the government of the then Sudan to almost take revenge on the people of Jobur community; one of the bomas in Tali payam where Dut Mula hails from. 


Dut’s last statement was that “Tali would become like a broom that he held in his hands.” To save many lives of the Jobur people Dut Mula had to report himself to the army and that led to his killing by firing squad of about 30 bullets all shot at him on Mountain Kujur “Jebel Kujur”.


Dut Mula and Nyomba Malou are therefore considered as the first martyrs who are supposed to be remembered in the history of this country but because of the politicization and hijacking of the real history the Mundari two great men and many others are no where to be recognized in the martyrs list. This is just a small portion of our history that requires minds of the South Sudabese and Mundari eldere to be put together to come with a concrete measures that will ensure the two heroes and others are included in the list of freedom fighters.


I salute Dr. John Garang De Mabior, Joseph Lagu, Nyombe Malou, Dut Mula Gbatala Ali, fr. Santurlino Ohire, William Nyuon, Nyachigak Nyashuluk and many others for their great contributions to our beloved Country South Sudan.


Happy 16th May


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