Ta a ďurjö na Afirika!!! You are the pride of Africa!!! – Happy International Children’s Day

by Federicko Pitia Gore Könyi Waka in Kampala, UGANDA – 1 JUNE 2019

Lupudiöt! Lolor a losu tita gwe ko gwilinyet lo budu gwoso lupudiöt ti kulie jurö, ďeket na pöliöliö i tunanit nasu. Kipiya bayin a tilimbiri biriet losu, diang ko lodok ti gwon a rudeyesi kasu, köti ko tuliang ta rudeyesi kasu. Gwoďeta ta gogo! Tita molu ďuketa kobore ko könisi kasu. Lombo de tutu I nyakwariet tem ko nyakwariet. Gwoďeta I pirit ko yi. Ta a ďurjö na Afirika!!!

Today is your day! You should have the better childhood like the kids in others countries….,the rights of better childhood….The guns are not your playing toys, the hunger and poverty is not your destiny, don’t lose your dreams! Never give up! The better future of this country must be build by your hands. The torch will pass from generation to generations, stand up with us to the very- end for you are the pride of south Sudan (Africa in General)!!!!!!!



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