[ NEWS ] 16/6/2019 – “For the Peace and Stability, We are on the way!” – Reconciliation of the people in Tukoro Muduk

by Jackson Lukojo Luko Buyu – 16 JUNE 2019

Reconciliation held up by Hon. James Laku Lege commissioner of Terekeka North County in Terekeka State, Republic of South Sudan .
Peace and stability is the first priority to the civilian, that why commissioner of Terekeka North County is strongly standing firm to prioritize the unity amongst the people of South Sudan in cluding his chiefs.
This conflict caused to my people by some helpless leaders since three years back and they could not find the solution of making the reconciliation , that why current Governor and commissioner James Laku Lege uniting them the citizens of Tukoro Muduk yesterday 15/6/2019 .
Thanks to my people of Tukoro Muduk.

All photos by Jackson Lukojo Luko Buyu  2019

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