[ NEWS ] 04/7/2019 – The government of Terekeka state delegation led by Hon. Governor Jacob Gore Samuel in Lokumot cattle camp with the youths on peace mission

by Lodu Ngorjubo – 4 JULY 2019

The Governor was addressing his citizen in Buko payam of Tijor county. Messages he gave were:

  1. Cattle should be kept far from farms.
  2. Peaceful coexistence among themselves.
  3. Implementation of the Republican order for repatriation of cattle to their place of origin.
  4. He calls for their unity and to work for the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement.

The meeting resolved to hold inclusive meeting that will bring together youth from Terekeka North, Gwor, Nyori, Gemeiza, Tijor and Terekeka counties. They also need the cattle camps to be mix to stop what they call cattle stealing which is the caused of their indifference in the cattle camps.

All photos by Lodu Ngorjubo, 2019

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