[ VOICES ] 13 questions about what is DEMOCRACY, JUSTICE and HUMAN RIGHTS

by Sęɓit Bùllenœ Juma – 6 JULY 2019

Few of the words I am allergic to in 20th century are DEMOCRACY , JUSTICE and HUMAN RIGHTS

For those who are big fans of these mediocre and misleading terminologies, answer for me these few questions in a brief and articulate way.

1. Where is the justice to the millions of South Sudanese massacred by Omar Bashir’s regime?

2. Has international community as a human right body investigated the individuals who carried out Rwanda, Darfur and South Sudan genocides?

3. Where is justice when ICC is only meant for Africans?

4. Where is democracy when the western powers enforce on us leaders we are not willing to serve us?

5. Where is justice when you’re term a criminal based on a color of skin rather than your deeds?

6. What’s human right when killing a black is considered a self defense and killing white an offense?

7. Where is human right when black people are termed as immigrants, refugees and white people tourists, guests and donors?

8. Where is democracy when a head of state commands another head of state to resign?

9. What is justice when an arm embargo is enforce on African nations while the western nations are building weapons of mass destruction?

10. Has justice prevailed when Africans were enslaved, tortured, displaced and sexual harassed?

11.What has justice done to the founders and organisers of SLAVERY????

12. Why must human right comes from the west and not any other part of the world?

13. How can it be justice when the killers of our fore fathers and fore mothers tell us to repent our sins so that see the kingdom of God¿ Who deserves to repent?


I am really in need of clear answers otherwise these terminologies will remain USELESS to me forever!!!!!!!

A Question Was Asked  – WILLIE NASH


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