[ NEWS ] 09/7/2019 – Lokumot Conference Day 2 : Reconcile the youths from the cattle camps of various communities of Terekeka State

by Taban Konga, Taban C Samuel, Lodu Ngorjubo – 10 JULY 2019

Terekeka state celebrated the 8th anniversary of the glorious Independence Day celebrations on Tuesday (09/7/2019) in Tijor county, as part of the efforts of the state leaders headed by the governor of the state, Jacob Gore Samuel, along with Wani Buyu the acting chairman Mundari Community (MC) to reconcile the youth of various communities of state in the cattle camps on addiction to dissemination of the September 12 revetilize peace agreement.

The meeting was friendly despite the heat and bitterness of the memories of stories incidents between the parties. Looting and robbery, even raping among members of the same communities.

Everyone spoke freely and frankly without fear.

The conference concluded after two days that there is no way for brothers but only to return to live as in the past folding the pages of the past and start a new era based on harmony and peaceful coexistence and renunciation of excellence and away from the causes of the crisis mentioned above.

The government pledged to play its role in complementing security, protecting citizens and their property, law enforcement and deterring crimes and criminals.

Thus, the state celebrated the joy of the Independence Day and the joy of uniting the youth in the pastures to live together among themselves in the state lands of the north and south and in different seasons, Congratulating the Government and People of Mundari.

( Taban Konga )


The end of the reconciliatory conference in Lokumut.

9th July, 2019 was the Day we attained our Independence of the World’s Youngest Nation of the Republic of South Sudan.This day has concided Terekeka State program concluding the second day for reconciling our Cattle Camp youths across the state. Hence, this reconciliatory Peace conference is one of the most satisfying Peace conference ever done to address all burning issues and grievances ever created with the enemies of peaceful coexistence among the Powerful Mundari based on their vested interest with unknown reasons.


( Lodu Ngorjubo )


عضواء المؤتمرة ولاية تركاكا اليوم الختامي برعاية حاكم الولاية جاكوب قوري صمؤئيل مراسم ختام فاليات المؤتمرة لوكوموت

مخرجات اليوم الختامي لمؤتمرة السلام والمصالحه الزي نظمته حكومة ولاية تركاكا لرؤعاء عشائر مجتمع قبيلة منداري بمنطقة لوكوموت مقاطعة تيجور حيث تخرجة بقرارات وتوصيات مستفيضه بتكوين لجنة من كبار سلاطين المراعي علي مستواء قاطعات ااولاية الثمانيه وعددهم تسعة عشرة بغرض اشرافي ومراقبة الرؤعاء اثناء حركة تجوالهم من والي اضاف وضع الامن و معرفة المجرمين لصوص الابقار خاصتا عملية أتداعات علي الطروق ونهب دا مشؤلية لجنة المكونه


( Taban C Samuel )



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