[ NEWS ] 17/7/2019 – R.I.P Rt. Bishop Micah Laila Daudi

by rumo – 17 JULY 2019  (Last update: 18 JULY 2019)

Retired Bishop of ECSS of Terekeka, Micah Laila Daudi passed at 2:00 AM this morning (17 July 2019) in Freedom Hospital, Juba.



“Words cannot express how sorry we are
You have been a father, teacher, spiritual leader and  a freedom fighter
May your soul rest in eternal peace
Our beloved father  retired bishop

–Taban Konga


“RIP and condolences for the sudden death of our eldr Bishop Micha Laila Daudi” .

–Dominic Lodu Zachariah


“RIP Yaba”

–Lino Aku


بمزيد الحزن واسعي يعني حكومة ولاية تركاكا اليوم الاربعاء خبر مؤسفاء وفاء الاب الروحي نيافة مطران ابراشية تركاكا الاسقوفية المتقعد مايكا لويلاء داؤدي الزي انتقله ليلية اليوم الثلاثاء لجوار ربه الراحل يعمل مستشارة الخاصه حكومة الولاية سائلين الرب عزاء وجل يسكنه فصيحة جنات الفردوس مع صديقين البرار الرب اعطاء والرب اخز فيكن اسم الرب مباركه فقدا جلل حكومة جنوب والشعب الجنوبي وولاية تركاكا خاصتا ان الراحل من اعظم زمرة السلام والوحدة محبا لكل اصغير وكبار ملي بروح الوطني من اجل وحدانية شعب الجنوب خلال قترة انضال وحق تقرير المسير والاستفتاء لعب دورا فاعل في توعية مجتمعات وحكومة الولاية والدولة بضرورة ربطة نسيج الاجتماعي لتعايش السلمي

Taban C Samuel–


“RIP my bishop. You did your best.

On behalf of my family and on my own behalf, I learned this morning of the death of the first Bishop of Terekeka Diocese late Rt. Rev. Canon Micah Laila Dawidi.

His death is a shock to us his spiritual children. Bishop Micah Laila was my mentor since 1991 to 1997 when I was serving under him as acting Diocesan Secretary of Terekeka Developing Diocese and Pastor incharge of Terekeka Parish.

Through his leadership, we were able to train enough church leaders from 1994-1997. Most of whom are leading the Diocese of Terekeka today.

Bishop Micah Laila was one of the pioneers of ECSS in Mundari land starting in Tali when he was a student at Bishop Gwynne college in Mundri in early 1980s.

Late Bishop Micah Laila was a fearless preacher who call a spade spade and hard working person both for the church and his family.

To Mundari, we’ve lost a spiritual father, an elder, a guider and a shade where people take cover.

You have done your very best late Bishop Micah Laila, as a teacher, a spiritial father, a guider, and a leader among Mundari people and in South Sudan. We celebrate your legacies and your age.

God has given you to us and he has taken you away from us. May His Name be Praise.


Sep 22, 2012 – Hon. Commissioner, Terekeka County and His Lordship Micah Laila Daudi at moment of thanksgiving prays in Terekeka Freedom square. (PHOTO: Patrick Malou)

–Clement Maring Samuel Swaka Yibi


“Our special adviser, to the government of terekeka state, you left us at difficult time that we need you for the implementation of revitalized peace agreement. death is cruel, may your soul rest in peace amen.”

–Pitia Kenyi Yiwach


“Rip Bishop, I pray that in the midst of your sorrow you find comfort in all the joyful memories shared.”

–Santino Kenyi Warnyang Ajak Wani


“Uncle Micha, you are my Father, me my spiritual Father, my Bishop, my my grandfather, the greatest Hero of mundari, the best elder who always advises people spiritually. Now you are not longer among us, where are we going,to whom shall we ask, consult and seek for.”

–Santo Kenyi


“Bishop Micah we are going to Miss you for ever but your contribution to the Church of south Sudan and the country at large never be forgotten. Amin”

–James Laku


“Terekeka has lost another great dictionary after   Angelo Doyu Agor . We will miss your great advice, guidance and teaching. RIP our former Bishop of Terekeka Diocese.”

–Putia Moses


“Condolences to you  retired Bishop and your family Mundari. Really we lost man of peace in Terekeka State Republic of South Sudan.”

–Jackson Lukojo Luko Buyu


“My condolence to the family of Bishop of ECS Micha Laila who has passed away in untimely death it’s a big sorrow to me and the community of Mundari and South Sudan in general, it’s a big gap since you are dead now, you been a pole of our tribe, you’re a spiritual person and such a earthly legend beyond the rims, you’re such an exemplary human being with light heart of humanity and a face of South Sudan in peace making. We mourn you until you bless us once again. No more you but your legacy will always live with us father let you rest in peace and let your spirit walk up on us ever.”

–Federicko Pitia Gore Könyi Waka


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