[ VOICES ] Human and Bulb

by Fedrick Pitia – 25 AUG 2019

Do you know that Human and Light Bulb have in common?

We express as different in color, different in shapes, sizes and even manufactured in different places. Some of us are Black, White, Yellow, Brown or whatever you called yourself. We appear to be very different on the outside of us, but there’s one current running through each of bulb (human) in the same way or another a single energy is running through each person (bulb) in this planet. Doesn’t matter your Color, Race, Gender, Nationality. We’re like a bulb inside of you is really who are.

When we die our Body, Color, Race remains there but our energy is not there any more.

“Energy”, do you believe in energy?? It’s what we are.

Energy has no Color.

It’s not Republic or Democrat.

It’s not Black or White.

Energy is not Religion, it’s not Christianity, Islamic or Atheist.

Energy is what defined human being.

You should understand what the wise men and women tells us that We are One!

Stop Racism, Critics, Hatred.

Stop fighting for man-made confusions.

Unite our better world,

In facts We’re One People,

We belongs to One Human Race.

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