[ VOICE ] Is Marriage a Business?

by rumo – 21 SEP 2019


Not only in South Sudan, but also in the rest of the world, the unreasonable high bride price always ruined the life of youths and their families, buried the true love, and breaking the hearts. The unreasonable bride price also forced some of the young men try to use the wrong way such as the cattle raids and put the human lifes in high risks.

We have the great cattle herding cultural tradition and history since the ancient era, cattle is the main way to measuring our wealth, but our daughters are not the goods, the marriage is not a business, please let the bride price back to the reasonable level, and let our daughters marry to those young men who really love them, don’t forced our daughters living in the unhappy marriage. Wealth may bring glory to our family, but if it can’t give a happiness life to our next generations, if it making our children in danger, is it still reasonable and worthy?


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