[ NEWS ] 25/9/2019 – “OUR CULTURE, OUR PRIDE” – The wrestling of the Tali and Kobura

Repost from Daniel Thon – 26 SEP 2019


Maduok of Tali is a dangerous guy.
Enjoy his survival style from the hand of Kobura #4 Mr.Warnyang Madul


Tali #2 Mr. Kinyong (Nyang) nicknamed Bol Akot has never lost any match since he joined the wrestling tournament 3 ago.


Giant Lokule the Mundari #1 hasn’t entered Juba wrestling Ground one day.
His family always denied him access to participate in any competition.
See how he humiliated Malou of Tali.



Lado Makur headdress of Mundari Kobura taking on Malou Awar of Tali.


This tall redhead is a deaf giant wrestler from Mundari Kobura.
He won against his opponent from Tali.


Lokule camp and Lado Makur are supporting Merekudi the deaf Giant wrestler.


Watch how Tali Team won against Mundari Kobura.
The fascinating styles of Ming, Madouk, Telimbe Akuala, Lado Makur, champion Lokule, Kinyong (nickname Bol Akot)

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