[ NEWS ] 04/10/2019 – Mrs. Ayendid donating 100 sports clothes to Terekeka wrestling team

by Mogga Lu-konga – 4 OCT 2019

“The office of EWDA (Equator Wrestling and Dancing Association) SG would like to take this great opportunity to congratulate Mrs. Ayendid, the chair lady of Jonglei State Women Group for donating 300 sports clothes to Terekeka State, Jonglei State and East Lakes State. Each state carry equal number of clothes, 100 clothes I received for Terekeka Wrestling Team. This 100 clothes donated will be given out to wrestlers on 26th of October, 2019 during Terekeka intra-State wrestling.

However, Mrs. Ayendid is not just beginning from this support, she has been reconciling the youth across the country, the example is the reconciliation she did amongst the youth of Jonglei on December 2018 in Nairobi Kenya is one of the best example women of Jonglei demonstrated toward nation building.

We however, thank you very much for your stand beside youth. God bless you and give more courage and women of Jonglei at large.

Long live Ayendid, the women chairperson Jonglei State.
Long live women of Jonglei State.
Long live Equator Wrestling and Dancing Asscociation (EWDA). ”


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