[ NEWS ] 11/10/2019 – Update Info#2 of Juba-Terekeka-Yirol-Rumbek Highway Project

Repost from Chinese Ambasador to South Sudan@facebook – 11 OCT 2019
by Ning Hua

On October 10, I visited the Juba-Rumbek highway project again together with Hon. Minister Simon of Bridges and Roads, Hon. Governor Augustino of Jubek State and other distinguished guests.

The Shandong Hi-speed company has made new progress on the project. More than 100 equipment and dozens of engineers are there at the construction site. Workers are busy with the building of the main camps. By-pass to the main road has been built also. The company is currently undertaking under-earth works to lay the bases for the road.

As the old Chinese saying goes, “everything is hard in the beginning “. With the strong support of South Sudanese government, Jubek State and Ladu County, as well as the understanding of local community, we have overcome a lot of difficulties and keep moving forward.

The road is of strategic significance for national development of South Sudan. It will reduce travel time from 20 hours to just about 5 hours between Juba and Rumbek, connecting the states and people more closely, reducing the business cost, providing farmers access to markets and creating a more favorable environment for investment.

Rome is not built on a day. It will take 36 months to complete the 400 km road, the first section of 60 km could be completed in the middle of next year if everything go smoothly. So long as we continue to work together as a team, we will finally reach our destination.

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