[ Mundaglish ] 1 – Wari and Captain Cook

Mundaglish (Mundari English) series
by Clement Maring Samuel Swaka Yibi – 5 NOV 2019

Captain Cook: Wari, where is your car?

Wari: My car is lesegation in romulation. I come in thirty six sacks of ‘bolot ki yu. There is no terigation amurugu my car in temptation.

Captain Cook: Wari, do you know how to count?

Wari: Yes, 1, 2, 2 Tombek Lu Wari, ko yi logon a junub ko ngiro lio ‘dumundi kukwö yi a wörö

Wari: Sir, I want a kibirit.

Captain Cook: What is a kibirit?

Wari: The Kibirit is seketu kau kau bum

FILE: “Mandari youth with jeep” by Jean Carlile Buxton. Pitt Rivers Museum 

Wari was a Mundari from Rego in Gwör County of Terekeka State. He was one of the drivers of Captain Cook, the famous British colonial Administrator in Sudan.

Wari was driving from Terekeka to Juba, but the car got stuck in the mud. He attempted to remove the car out from the mud in vain. The fuel got finished and he decided to walk from the distance where the car stuck up to Juba to explain the matter to his boss Captain Cook.

Upon arrival, Captain Cook asked him. Wari, where is the car? Wari replied: My car is stuck in the mud. I loaded 36 sacks of sorghum. I tried possible means to remove it out from the mud in vain.

Captain ask him. Wari, do you know how to count? Wari replied, yes! Captain Cook ask him to count the numbers from 1to 10. Wari actually doesn’t know how to count. He escapes the test by counting, 1, 2, 2, and he mentioned the name of his son Tombek son of Wari, for us who are black people, you just pick a sorghum stalk and go.

Wari wanted to smoke. He asks his boss, Captain Cook. Do you have a matchbox? Captain cook doesn’t know the meaning of kibirit, he asked Wari, what is a kibirit? Wari tried to explain the meaning of a matchbox in a sentence saying: a kibirit is seketu kau kau bum, meaning a matchbox is to scratch it and it lights.

<End of the story>

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