[ News ] 28/11/2019 SPORT – GoFundMe fundraising for “Support South Sudanese athletes’ 2020 Tokyo Olympic Journey”

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Support South Sudanese athletes

(Fundraising Goal: $25,000)


Guor Miading Miaker (also known as Guor Marial) is organizing this fundraiser

Created October 30, 2019


Hello friends and fans,

I hope you are all doing well.

Over eight years ago, South Sudan got its independent from the North Sudan after long bloody civil war, which took lives of more than two million and displaced over 40 million people – including myself. Two years after its independent, the country found itself scrambled into civil war, thus, brought drastic negative effect on development and insecurity throughout the country. Thousands of lives once again were lost and millions of people were displaced to neighbor countries and into UN refugee camps.

Despite all the challenges, South Sudan for the first time, proudly raised its flag at the 2016 Olympic games with only three athletes – including me. The moment was an iconic, symbol of hope and unity, and pride of the nation. It was the greatest accomplishment for the country and humbling moment that will be remembered for many years to come. I was very fortunate and honored to have gotten such an opportunity.

That kind of warm feeling, the pride of the nation, and the thrive for unity through sport is what keep me going every single day. It’s the vision that I am thriving to bring to the youth across the country, so that one day they can, too, get the same opportunity to representing the country. It’s the pride that I hope one day every South Sudan could dwell in their intuitive mind of thinking and proudly live side by side with each other as South Sudanese and one nation regardless of their tribes.

As the 2020 Olympic game is just couple months away, South Sudanese athletes are not in their proper training condition to achieve qualifying mark. This is simply due to financial challenges, running gears, and logistics to training places. There are currently 30 South Sudanese athletes, with some of whom are training in Kenya, Uganda, and in South Sudan. Thus, I’m requesting for your assistance to help South Sudanese athletes with financial need and running gears so that they can have a chance to participate in the 2020 Olympic. You can donate as low as $1 or high as your budget allows you.

Your generous donation will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support towards the South Sudanese athletes’ 2020 Olympic Journey.

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Support South Sudanese athletes, Support their Olympic Dream




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