[ VOICES ] “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”

by Thomas Loku Jelle – 10 JAN 2020

Everybody is busy talking specifically about his or her community. Have we also forgotten that, we are encouraging division among our people? It is good to know what time has this been when our civic population almost lost everything due to the man-made catastrophes, long period of suffering, and growing tensions implanted by self-proclaimed leaders and lack of service delivery, the above mentioned are adding salt into the fresh wounds N creating an environment conducive for hatred and violence. I urge the youths to refrain from tribal division. we cannot be strong if we are calling ourselves i am from Tali, Gemeiza, Nyikabur, Mundari Mulla, Reggo, Nyori,Tindilo, Muni and so forth. I am proud to be a Mundari son from northern side to the southern side and from the western side to the eastern side of Terekeka State. As the saying goes always like, “United we stand, divided we fall”. It is our collective responsibility now as Mundari sons and daughters to decide the destiny and future of the blessed territory.

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