by Clement Maring Samuel Swaka Yibi – 28 JAN 2020

Mind your languages, the battle is still ahead, and this is the battle of the election.

It’s going to be tough and rough especially for food eaters and people’s looters.

It’s not going to be like that election of SPLM and NCP of 2010, it is going to be about who you are on the ground.

It’s not going to be about how loyal you are to your party, it is going to be how loyal you are to your people.

It is not going to be about how much you looted your people, it is going to be about how much your legacy counts.

It’s not going to be about sycophancy and praise-singing, it’s about verisimilitude and candor.

It’s not about eating much & developing humpy bellies, it is about sharing with the poor and reducing their poverty.

It’s not about using your community for personal benefits, it is about when your community will ask you what have you done to us?

It’s not about accumulating wives, it’s about garnering votes as a result of your honest services to your people.

It’s not about oyee! It’s about when your constituent will say, Oh yes! our man.

It’s not about how many baramil ta merisa given to the chiefs to buy them, it is about how much you have treated their diseases, eradicate illiteracy, facilitate their movements by creating roads, improve economic benefit, provided water for the thirsty.

It’s not about wearing the best coats of the millennium 2020, it is about giving your 2020 coat to the poor beggar on the streets.

Mind your tongue, this is no more Arabs and Junubeen, these are junubeen and junubeen, the toughest wrestling of deeds. Mind your tongue, mind your tongue.

It’s not about comrade, it is about how-race.

Warning to the blind guides with slippery tongues.


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