[ ProudSouthSudan ] Wrestling is our identity

by Garbino Panchol

Traditional wrestling is practised in South Sudan by Dinka, Mundari and many Nilotic communities. Both keep cattle and wrestling is the sport of choice between youth in cattle camps, mainly for fame and pride, we practice wrestling as part of our culture and tradition.

On 12 May, 2018, Terekeka’s Mundari wrestlers were crowned champions for South Sudan Wrestling federation [Further Reading: “South Sudan Wrestling: Terekeka Wins Wrestling Match Against Bor” – The 211 Magazine], we declared champions after beating Jonglei’s Bor wrestlers 5:3 and secured 4 draws in the final match.

The wrestlers and fans celebrating after winning (photo by Manyuon Mayen Manyuon – Juba Monitor)

This is one of the winners and our top wrestler Töki Aguth Nyang from Gemeiza county, Terekeka.

Töki Aguth Nyang and his Trophy of National Wrestling Tournament 2018  ©Garbino Panchol
Töki Aguth Nyang and the trophy  ©Garbino Panchol

#ProudSouthSudan #ProudMundari #Wrestling4Peace #UnitedPeople

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